How many more signs does Zuckerberg need to see before he pulls the plug on his metaverse?

How Many More Bad Signs Does Zuckerberg Need to See? Is Metaverse Will Be A Cause Failure To Meta?

How Many More Bad Signs Does Zuckerberg Need to See? Is Metaverse Will Be A Cause Failure To Meta?

The CEO of Meta predicted that the metaverse will become “mainstream” in five to ten years when he changed the company’s name from Facebook last year. But right now, his company’s existence is on the line since expensive initiatives seem to be getting a resounding “meh” from the public.

According to recent reports from numerous publications, including The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, Zuckerberg’s vision has encountered serious obstacles. As a result, the economic situation has already forced Zuckerberg to freeze hiring and take other steps that have alarmed employees.

How did this question arise?

Well not sure but previously people had many questions about the metaverse and people were not in support of the Metaverse. But Recently Apple CEO Tim Cook, on the other hand, isn’t sure that most people could even define what the heck the metaverse is.

This can be the result of the lack of clarity and knowledge we have regarding the Metaverse, AR, VR, XR, and NFT ( or in a nutshell the latest Web3 shift).

Why people are not believing in Meta’s Metaverse?

The Meta Quest 2 $400 headgear allows users to access Horizon Worlds, the company’s virtual reality program. But so far, neither the general public nor even those working for Meta have had a positive experience in the metaverse.

This is mainly because still, Metaverse is in the development stage and because of this everything looks cartoonish not that immersive and realistic.

WSJ’s report includes the following information, which it relied on internal papers it was able to obtain:

  • Less below the 280,000 Meta intended by the end of the year, Horizon has 200,000 monthly active users (and this was after the company lowered its projection from 500,000).
  • Only 50 individuals have ever visited 9% of the worlds that have been created on the platform. The majority never receive any visits.
  • Over half of headsets are no longer in use after six months, and the majority of users quit the platform after the first month.
Zuckerberg metaverse?


Most of the audience on Reddit is making fun of Zukerberg’s idea of the metaverse and they are trolling and passing funny comments. And some appreciate the views of Mark on Metaverse.

But let’s take a step back and think from a broader perspective that Metaverse is working really focused on the future of Tech and the People working to build Metaverse in Meta are well-educated and they are experts at making the tech we are currently using. Now people have different views and let’s wait for the time when everything will be clear and Will Present Mark’s decision on Meta.

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