passive income metaverse, How To Make Passive Income In The Metaverse

How To Make Passive Income In The Metaverse

All new ways to make money in the metaverse as a beginner without any knowledge. Easiest Method to start to make a good source of Income using Metaverse. Best ways to use Virtual Reality to make money. start your journey to make passive income online using Metaverse and The new Web 3.0.

Play to Earn Games

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In the metaverse, you can make money by playing your favorite games. I have mentioned some of the top best platforms to make money or passive income online using metaverse.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a non-fungible token-based online video game developed by Vietnamese studio Sky Mavis, known for its in-game economy which uses Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies. Players of Axie Infinity collect and mint NFTs that represent axolotl-inspired digital pets known as Axies.


  • An action-packed game where you must battle with chimera and collect valuable treasures to advance further. When it comes to upgrading your army, this will be beneficial.
  • Defending yourself in difficult PvP confrontations will allow you to become legendary.
  •  Creating a new ultimate offspring is possible by crossing your axies.


In Illuvium, players are immersed in a 3D open world to explore and capture deity-like beasts called Illuvials. The Illuvials that players collect are represented with NFTs on Ethereum’s blockchain with real-world value. Players use the Illuvials they have gathered to battle other players to win ether (ETH).


  • Illuvium, gamers have praised the extraordinary quality of the graphics and the engaging gameplay.
  • With Illuvium, players can search for items and creatures within the game’s open digital world, which can be used for various activities, like collecting, battling, and trading.


Splinterlands is an innovative addition to the play-to-earn games in the NFT world. Previously known as Steem Monsters, the game operates on the Hive blockchain and belongs to the trading game genre. In Splinterlands, players fight against monsters to get in-game rewards. 


  • Splinterlands is all about putting together the greatest squad possible by devising the most effective techniques in your favor.
  • In splinterlands, users may see and check the historical record of each card, and they can see how many different types of each card exist or will exist in the future.
  • Transactions in Splinterlands are swift, and the associated expenses are modest.

My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice is an online multiplayer farm builder game. It appeals to not just blockchain game players, but also the general gaming community. It has a player-driven storyline and blockchain-powered features. The game offers a set of islands that players can buy and develop as plots of land with their creations. Players can thus own virtual islands, collect, and build items. 


  • The Alice token is the game’s main currency, allowing players to swap NFTs, buy land, and use DeFi features like collateralization, buyback, and staking.
  • Players might buy virtual plots from Alice or the market in the game. The universe has a limited number of plots represented by NFT tokens.
  • Each player has an avatar that they can use to communicate with other players in the game. Players might also customize their avatar by adding assets.
  • In-game assets can be bought and sold on the marketplace. Among them are houses, animals, vegetables, decorations, and avatar cosmetics.


The Decentraland application is built to track real estate parcels defined by LAND tokens. 

The software leverages the Ethereum blockchain to track ownership of this digital land, and it requires users to hold its MANA token within an Ethereum wallet to engage with its ecosystem. 

Further, developers are free to innovate within Decentraland’s platform by designing the animation and interactions experienced on their virtual real estate.


  • For the purchase of land and other goods, Decentraland uses non-fungible tokens. 
  • There are two currencies in the 3D virtual world. The first native currency is the MANA token, and the other is the LAND token.

Create and monetize VR games

The future is going to be more addictive to games almost everyone plays games today. The gaming Industry is a Billion Dollar Industry and still growing. The future is of game developers and It’s very easy to play games but not to make. It requires coding knowledge and Designing skills. You can become a game developer and build your whole business through the gaming industry. Build a next-generation Metaverse gaming application such as many available right now in the industry. 

Do you know the fun fact that gamers need new games every time? That can be provided to them with a great user experience with the combination of Virtual Reality.

NFT Freelance Artist

You can learn NFT creation and can provide your service to needed people or you can create NFTs on your own and sell them at a good price. There are very less designers available right now and you can take this opportunity to make a good income stream for yourself. You can follow different sources on the internet to learn about basic designing and NFT creation within one month or less depending on your understanding.

Become A Metaverse Product Tester

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There are many products launching day and night that you can test in the rest of your home and make a source of good income. Here are some platforms mentioned below that you can use to become a Metaverse product tester as follows.

Create Digital Assets

The future is of digital assets and those who own them are really wealthy. You can create your own digital asset and monetize it or sell it totally up to you. There is a huge demand for digital assets in the market such as in the case of NFTs.

What is a Digital Asset?

In simple words, a  digitally owned asset over which you have ownership, authority, and control this type of asset is known as a digital asset. For example – A youtube video you posted is a kind of digital asset and the money you made from that video is totally yours.

Here are some  of the digital Asset Ideas that you can create and make money by selling and using that as a source of passive income

  • NFT creation and trade – you can create your own  NFT and list it over the marketplace where you can trade it.
  • Online Digital Courses – create your own digital product such as a video course where you can share your skill and knowledge.
  • Your Social Media Audience  – having a good social media presence is much more than any digital asset. 
  • Your Digital land – the virtual land you own over the internet is one of the digital assets you can invest in this when you have a creation level of understanding of this digital age.
  • Cryptocurrency you own – you can invest some money in digital currency such as crypto in long term as an investment.
  • Digital Wearable Items – same as NFT we have some wearable items in the digital area for example to enter the metaverse we have to get our Avatar. To make this avatar look different people will purchase some wearable items that will make stand out.

Help people Invest

You can become a financial advisor for people and help them to invest in the metaverse. There are many people who want to invest their money in the metaverse but they don’t know how to do it.

You can start your business around that or create your own agency to proving guidance to investing money in the crypto market or in the metaverse. Do you still need more clearance about this? Here is how you can learn to Invest in the metaverse or Web 3.0.

  • Read the Blog post regarding Web3.0 Investment & Updates ( for example our blog)
  • Watch Videos regarding Digital Investment on Youtube
  • You can follow a systematized course

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Hope this may help you and give you some idea. It is all about the action you take today to go through any of the best methods you would like to follow to start your journey to make money online in the Metaverse. So these are some ideas through which you can make passive income in the metaverse.

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