Puma Entered into the Metaverse – Black Station

One of the well known German sports apparel giants Puma has officially attempted to enter into the metaverse the all new age of the Internet. Puma is working on improving its website design and providing the website with a highly user efficient user interface.

What is Puma Metaverse?

Puma has successfully announced its first-ever metaverse website experience called Black Station. It features exclusive non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with limited edition redeemable physical sneakers which will be launched as part of its ‘Futrograde’ show during the ongoing New York Fashion Week (NYFW). Puma Black Station is meant to be an immersive and interactive portal for consumers to experience the future of the brand. Puma now joins Adidas Originals as the latest sportswear brand to launch digital collectibles.

At the beginning of September 7, the first two portals of Black Station will reveal exclusive, never-seen-before Nitro NFRNO and Nitro Fastroid sneakers that are linked to PUMA’s NFT NitroPass mint. Owners whom they have access to the theNitropass ( It’s a kind of token you can use introduced by puma) will be able to purchase all new NFTs.

Puma is looking to build its own digital community by moving to the Web 3.0 space because It’s the future of the internet and most importantly the new age of Technology.

Official Tweet From Puma


After the entrance of Puma into the metaverse, we can understand that most companies are now shifting toward a digital or Virtual world by which they can increase their customer base and provide a good user experience.

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