Top 10 Best Uses of ChatGPT

Let’s look at what are the cool and amazing things you can do with ChatGPT. People are now using ChatGPT on daily basis and sometimes we do want to know more about what we can do we ChatGPT. So let’s begin the ride of knowing what we can do with ChatGPT.

Here are the top best uses of ChatGPT:

Language Translation

With the help of ChatGPT, we can learn different languages and it can help us translate languages from English to Spanish or from Spanish to Japanese such as we can do with Google Translate similarly we can use ChatGPT directly to translate big files and big data, Yes it is easy now to translate data with ChatGPT.


Sometimes we do read heavy books and the big blog post what if we can just copy all the text and paste it into one place where we can get the summary or the conclusion or the best part of that text. Yes, we can do it with ChatGPT can help us extract the best lessons from the book or blog post we are reading. For example – Use this prompt with ChatGPT- “take 10 lessons from XYZ book and summarize in detail in easy words”

Application Development

ChatGPT can show you some examples of code from which you can take inspiration and create your application ChatGPT can also be used to provide you with a step-by-step guide on building your application. You can get solutions for hard code bugs or errors that you can just fix easily and quickly.

Content Idea Creation

With ChatGPT you can create content ideas for your business or for your professional work when you just feel blank or just want an idea of what you want to do. Just create random content ideas with ChatGPT.

Story Creation

We all love stories what if we can generate those stories from ChatGPT can create any story for us based on our mood or the command we give to it. For example- “create a moral jungle story for kids of age from 16-18.”

Copy Idea Creation

You can generate or create basic ideas for your website content or your blog content and from that idea, you can form your stuff and add your magic and spices to the idea.

Resume Creation

With the help of ChatGPT you can create your resume just provide your information, for example, the demographic you have and a bit of information about yourself and ChatGPT will quickly create and resume for you that you can use in your interview.

Interview Preparation

Now it is easy to prepare for interviews from Youtube but what if you can create or have a mock interview of yourself so that you can prepare what type of questions you can be asked in the interview from the HR. based on the resume that you have created just ask ChatGPT to take a mockup interview of your for any of your desired position.

Learning with ChatGPT

We can enhance our learning with ChatGPT it’s all possible now ChaGPT can make us an expert in any subject but there is something before considering ChatGPT as a learning partner you need to understand all the data or information or facts provided by ChatGPT it’s found that sometimes the data provided by GPT is not fully correct. So you need to verify it and you can use ChatGPT for your basic learning.

Social Media Content Ideas

We all love posting on social media but sometimes we feel we do not have any idea to post or what to post today. So with the help of ChatGPT, you can create any social media post that we can post into a social media handle.

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These were the things that you could do with ChatGPT these are not the only thing that you can do with GPT there are many things that you can do depending on you and your usage. In the end, I would like to say that ChatGPT can help us grow more in our life but we should not be dependent on it. So hope you like this article if you do so then please make sure to share it with your friends and family members

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