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Top 5 Solana NFTs For 2023-24 | Solana NFTs For Passive Income

Solana NFTs are still alive there’s a lot going on in the marketplace there’s a little bit of fun and daily projects coming out and making new innovations in the NFT market although when we look at projects that have a staking model behind them we don’t like to classify them as staking projects or a passive way to make some revenue.

For some people, you can sell that token and make an extra penny so let’s talk about the top 5 best performing projects on the Solana blockchain. But before we move further ahead this article is not Financial advice in any way shape or form these are some research based NFT projects. This is just for educational purpose please don’t take it as a hard piece of financial advice that most other folk gives.


DeGods art review
Created by – DeGods

So basically, DeGods is a ten thousand science supply collection minting last October from the Solana making some absolutely quick moves in the Solana space and becoming the number one project in the entire world two versions behind DeGods there’s DeGod and then there’s DeGod. So when it comes down to staking your DeGods or your DeGod variants you’re earning around every single day at the moment DeGod earns 1.25 dust while dead Gods earn 3.75 dust a day also. DeGods have just come up with their new UI and new upgrade to their staking platform you’re also earning D points every single minute per DeGods or DeadGod. It’s just dead guys though so far dust has been using a couple of different ways for utility behind the dust Labs d-gons youths Empire.

DeGods NFT Collection: Details

Listed OnOpenSea
TwitterDegodsnft – 132.5k Followers
DiscordDeDAO – 23,226 Members
Official SiteVisit Now

When comparing the floor price of a dead God at 382 Solana it’s going to take you a long time to ROI (Return on investment). If you’re only here for staking purposes there’s a lot more to Degods and dead Gods there’s a lot more to the futuristic you know plans and Innovation behind dust Labs as a whole, this token itself is just going to be one of the strongest in the ecosystem of Solana. In this point system, you can earn one point per minute which is good and there is going to be some other things behind that that allow you to unlock goodies and usable use case in the future.

Jelly Rascals

Jelly Rascals was a project called jelly babies beforehand these were actually a Derugged project they went from like a 0.14 sol price to a 30 sol floor price during this Its way all the way up to a stable 50 Solana floor price with a lot of anticipation behind the futuristic drops of utility behind the project in general and their jelly token.

Jelly Rascals NFT Collection: Details

Listed OnOpenSea
TwitterJelly eSports NFT – 27.8k Followers
DiscordJellyeSportsNFT – 12,168 Members
Official SiteVisit Now

On their platform, you can earn 5 Jelly tokens a day per Rascal so at the time. Here for the monetary value, we’re here for the project in the long term and to get that utility token.

The project that will generate more Revenue and how this will affect the jelly price competitors Rascal benefits as the NFT as a whole and marketing behind the entire Empire. One of the biggest things that jelly Rascals NFT are working on is their gambles casino, This is gonna be a casino that has a lot of competition with other ones like steak roll bit two of the biggest crypto casinos in the entire world and they’re kind of going for that Mass Appeal behind a new crypto casino. That isn’t afraid to compete so there are going to be a few different ways when staking your Rascals you can either stake it for jelly or you can stake it in the casino itself and you will not be earning jelly.

Taiyo Robotics

Taiyo Robotics NFT art details
Created by – Taiyo Robotics

Just recently pumping to a crazy 180 Sol floor a bunch of sales and a lot of volume going down to 36 listed which is pretty nuts potato robotics is another project that was actually a Derugged project by Soul Port Tom the man himself and when staking this project you can actually earn their scrap token every single day at a rate of 8.5 a day if you’re staking it for the maxed either 10 days 30 days or 60 days meaning you can’t withdraw that Teo or that scrap token during that time period at the moment scrap token is the umbrella token what I mean by this is that there’s a new generation behind the Teo’s umbrella called Teo Pilots that will be launching.

Taiyo Robotics NFT Collection: Details

Listed OnOpenSea
TwitterTaiyo Robotics《TYR》 – 38k Followers
Official SiteVisit Now

Teo Robotics and just having them staked up just earning that scrap tokens and using it for their future buying is a big baller player. Coming up on their one-year anniversary and then bringing in the tail Pilots ecosystem. This is going to give a lot of people more eyes into the umbrella of Teo and Tom himself instead of having to spend like this 200 Solana.


It is built by the entire team behind DustLabs the whole entire team behind the DeGods ecosystem two very different projects with two very different art styles behind them. When it comes to earning you are not getting any monetary value at the moment there really isn’t you know anything when it comes to staking use case behind Y00ts at the moment besides earning Y00ts points have just blown up recently 160 Solana floor prices are absolutely insane.

Y00ts NFT Collection: Details

Listed OnOpenSea
TwitteryOOts_NFT – 48.6k Followers
Discordy00ts – 21,815 Members
Official SiteVisit Now

Per minute per Y00ts at the moment, they are paying a decent amount of tokens on holding which is not bad at all but again we do not know what we’re gonna be getting from this and what kind of store it’s going to take place because it doesn’t tie it can be liquidity or pump and dumps and it’s more on a point system that’s earned off of time. 

Smyths (Blockchain Labs)

So Blockchain Labs is a project that came out a while ago it was always called Blocksmyths Labs these are what they were called but now they are known as Smyth beautiful branding change beautiful name change here just makes a lot of sense of new. They have a super amazing website that you should definately can look at once more amazing well done smyths.

Best Solana NFT collection smyth nft
Created by – Smyths

When it comes down to Blocksmyths labs and staking your Smyths you’ll be earning the FORGE token every single day at a rate of 10 Fords for the unascended Smiths and you’ll be making 12 FORGE for the ascended Smyths.

Smyths NFT Collection: Details

Listed OnOpenSea
TwitterBlocksmithLabs – 63.9k Followers
DiscordSmyths – 32,119 Members
Official SiteVisit Now

Since 2.35 cents but again we’re not here for that monetary value. Here for the futuristic push behind the company itself behind what they’re building outside of the PFP outside of a token how the token will work in the outsourced. 

Day and behind the new expansion and switch up and you know just push of Smyths itself this token Forge is going to be used in almost all of its use cases almost all of its new you know products and Ventures that they create so instead of wanting to make your dollar a day per Smyths save that token if you want to and use it for you know futuristic pushes behind the company.

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How can I earn passive income from Solana?

Increment your profits by making your Solana work for you. One method for upgrading returns in a difficult market is to procure automated revenue on your crypto property by giving them something to do for yourself and marking them, or committing them toward approving exchanges and getting the organization.

Can I become rich by Investing in NFT?

It isn’t challenging to get well off. Getting cash with NFTs might be significantly more troublesome. Particularly in the event that you don’t grasp the capability of NFTs, their abilities, and the truth that the human(s) behind the innovation.

How much does a Solana NFT cost?

These conventions permit Solana to give the most productive experience and have around up to 65K exchanges each second. The typical expense of Printing an NFT in Solana is 0.00001 SOL ($0.01).

Is Solana good for NFT?

Solana is as of now one of the world’s most well-known blockchains with regard to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized finance (DeFi).

Is Solana better than Ethereum?

While Ethereum is presently the long shot market pioneer with regards to Layer 1 arrangements, Solana is fit for taking care of undeniably more exchanges each second and furthermore has lower exchange costs

Can Solana overtake Ethereum?

The potential for Solana, regardless, is as yet monstrous. On the off chance that engineers can make the organization safer, the blockchain’s exceptional speed and low costs make it a promising crypto. Also, this could permit its worth to overwhelm Ethereum later on.


As we can see, the NFT token market is becoming more and more popular. However, Before making any kind of investment into digital art or any digital assets we should remember to check each platform with the right tools. An important aspect is to correctly check the history of the project, team members, Community Strength, and token supply. The most important element of NFT art is its community and you have to mainly focus on the community strength of the NFT collection. The above list of the top five best performing NFT art is our subjective discussion of projects and should not be taken as an offer or investment proposal they are sorted down by research and other criteria. If you really liked this article and found it helpful then please make sure to share it with your friends and on your social media.

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