Top 7 companies working for Metaverse

There are many companies that have entered into the area of Metaverse and started their journey to achieve the future of technology. Here is the list of the top best companies working on Metaverse.

Meta (Facebook)

World’s one of the most popular social media companies that have more than billions of users in hand. The world’s biggest social media company Facebook now Meta has successfully entered into the metaverse. Facebook started from Web 1.0 and now entered into Web 3.0 building a 3D virtual world known as Metaverse. Meta has developed into a full proof Web3.0 company. Meta has 15 years of plan to build a Metaverse company. Till now Meta has developed a lot and built Virtual Reality platforms and Virtual Headsets but needs some more time to improve the technology they have this whole process will take around 15 years of development period with a capital of $10 billion dollars as shared by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

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Meta has big plans and a great team to implement all the strategies and they are going to work on Building a Metaverse company not only that but more such as Meta is working on Horizon Workrooms the future of working digitally and making VR headset.


One of the worldwide used computer operating system companies Microsoft is also working on the Metaverse. By using Microsoft Windows we start our work Microsoft is working in the office space and working space for years and Microsoft have users worldwide. Microsoft is a well reputated company and highly focused on Meta and developing a series of Metaverse applications on top of the Mesh platform. It is also building a new augmented reality chipset for Metaverse with Qualcomm for providing access to new features and proving touch to the Metaverse. Microsoft is one of the forefront companies developing Metaverse by updating AltspaceVR for making a Metaverse Technology much safer place for users and players. Microsoft one of the largest gameplay platforms X-box can be used as an entrance gate into the VR gaming industry.


Google was one the first companies to launch AR( augmented reality) Glasses, not a simple AR glass but loaded with tons of features. for example – after wearing the AR glass you would be able to access the weather, News, Trends, Messages, and more.

The screen’s size and resolution were limited, but it was a fascinating early look at what might be coming. The Glass Explorers edition sold for $1,500 in minimal quantities in 2013 but was quickly shut down amid outrage about the built-in video recorder.

Google is still not marketing up their metaverse they are silently working on we can’t still find any big announcement by Google regarding their metaverse or something bigger.



Nike, Inc. is an American multinational corporation that is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, and worldwide marketing and sales of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories, and services. Phil Nike started this company in the nineteen’s and still, the company is profitable and keeps growing, the reason behind all this is Nike keeps on improving the technology they have.

Nike has also recently created a virtual world called Nikeland which was developed by the Brainiac Commerce e-commerce platform. This platform gives other technologically-based merchants and brands the ability to drive scalable consumer traffic to their products and offers a fully managed solution. One sees the future development with strong support from vendors/partners.

Nikeland is the sporting goods brand’s micro metaverse built-in Robloxf and has attracted millions of people from 224 countries since its launch in November. The space allows users to try on virtual products in addition to playing to the strengths of Roblox as a platform with games such as dodgeball. It has also launched exclusive virtual products to enhance the virtual “Nikeland experience”.

Epic Games

Epic Games, Inc. is an American video game and software developer and publisher now one of the best known gaming companies focused for kids playing games over the Metaverse.

Epic Games have special expertise in building creative tools and immersive worlds that are open and accessible to players and developers everywhere. It is at the forefront of popular culture, creating experiences that connect people through gaming, music, and creative collaboration. Epic is always committed to providing age-appropriate experiences online and in 2020 acquired SuperAwesome, a company that has pioneered technology designed to deliver safe digital engagement with children under 16.

The LEGO Group and Epic Games have agreed to work on these three principles that will ensure the digital spaces they develop deliver engaging play opportunities and safety to the users:

  • Safeguard children’s privacy by putting their best interests first.
  • Protect children’s right to play by making safety and well-being a priority.
  • Empower children and adults with tools that give them control over their digital experience.


Decentraland is a virtual platform where you can purchase plots such as land ( we purchase offline) the same concept is applied to the digital Metaverse to provide people their own digital space. You can also invest your money in Decentraland a Virtual Real Estate to trade or invest. You can think of it as Opensea a well know platform to sell or purchase NFT ( digital art). You can use MANA cryptocurrency, which uses the Ethereum blockchain, It is overseen by a nonprofit Decentraland Foundation.

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It is enabling users to create as well as monetize different apps and content while purchasing virtual pieces of land in Metaverse. This is the Infrastructure of Decentraland the protocol has a three-layer infrastructure:

It is helping users to create as well as monetize different apps and content while purchasing virtual pieces of land in the Metaverse Technology.

  • Consensus Layer

This layer tracks the ownership of LAND via an Ethereum smart contract.

  • Land Content Layer

It uses a decentralized module to download the virtual assets for the owners.

  • Real-time Layer

This layer offers P2P links between the users to interact. 


Snapchat is a growing social media application now a Metaverse company. Snapchat is taking the application more closer to augmented reality which is the next-gen technology or Web 3.0 tech.

Snapchat released an Avatar Lens AR filter today, which makes you look like a Sims character. Or, in more modern parlance, it makes you look like what you’d look like in the metaverse. To use the lens, open your camera in the Snapchat app to scan the QR code on Snapchat’s website, then look at how scarily smooth your skin is in the metaverse, where freckles and acne evidently do not exist.

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Web 3.0 ( Metaverse) is the future of social interaction and working and most of the big tech giants have started working in the area of Metaverse and launching their products for better digital interaction.

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