Omni-Directional Treadmill Review the future of VR Gaming

Omni Directional Treadmill Review the best VR treadmill for gaming

Virtual Reality Treadmill is here it’s one of the best devices that a VR gamer should have for the best VR gaming experience yes you get it right we are talking about Kat Walk C. So let’s look at the deep review of VR treadmill that can make your gaming experience super immersive.

One of the biggest flaws of modern virtual reality headsets is that we’re kind of stuck with handsticks to control almost all movement within VR like we’re on some console or something it’s crazy. We’re in virtual reality but we’re still relying on these old control methods however that may be all in the past because today we’re going to look at the very first VR tech that will make your day.

Guess feet on a Katwalk c to give you some background on what this thing actually is it’s basically an omnidirectional treadmill to be used in virtual reality if you’ve read or watched ready player one a similar looking device is used and what it does is simple with the Katwalk you’re actually walking or running and spoiler in some games it’s actually really incredible but let me clear some stuff up this obviously is not a normal VR treadmill.

Omni-Directional Treadmill

Treads or moving parts under your feet more accurately it’s probably placed as a sliding mill. Since that’s exactly how it works and in order to walk in VR games or places using this device you’re walking actually in real life and sliding your feet across the surface all while wearing some slippery shoes and foot trackers the Katwalk then remaps that directional input on a thumbstick and that’s it you’re moving setup was surprisingly easy. This device is best for gamers who like to play games in VR because that will make their VR experience more better and real.

What do you get Inside the box of Kat Walk C?

It comes with a bag of screws and base pieces and of course, the shoe assembly was relatively quick taking about 30 minutes the software was a simple download launch, and calibration and pretty much all set the Katwalk does come in a few different sizes depending on if you’re really tall or really short and able to accommodate anyone from five foot ten to six foot seven the standard version from five foot five to five foot ten and both.

With a maximum weight capacity of 288 pounds or 130 kilograms and it’s not like this takes up a ton of space this likely can fit in most people’s rooms as it’s only four foot by four foot however it is pretty heavy and it’s a real pain in the butt to move around weighing 128 pounds by itself the harness the only major complaints that we have with the appearance or quality of the Katwalk are the shoes.

Setup by removing or adding different anti-slip pads you can either make your slide mill experience more or less slippery more friction pads simply means more stability and less slipperiness but also more fatigue every time you slide or walk and you can remove all of the pads for what cat calls VR pro veteran mode.

Gaming Experience in Kat Walk C

To encounter a Steamvr game that doesn’t work with it the software is simple enough for anyone to understand and it will work with any VR headset the Katwalk C is just a very simple remap of controls name a game its got support and yes you can use full body tracking.

Experience in VR Treadmill

It was actually an experience with the Katwalk c started exactly how you’d imagine walking using the Katwalk was extremely odd and for the first few minutes We remember thinking about how much easier just using a thumbstick was it’s not like this was painful or uncomfortable but if you go into using this thing with the mindset that it’s an exact one to one to walking you’ll probably be immediately disappointed but after only a few minutes the clumsiness

Sliding on the Katwalk became nearly a non-issue for some games the Katwalk is amazing while for others maybe it’s just not good enough with it yet but we rather stick with the stick anything narrative or single-player or exploratory was simply amazing.

Just walk or run and look around using your hands totally independently in case you haven’t noticed in normal VR you can’t just walk and look around at the same time but the Katwalk like we said uses your waist so your head and hand are totally independent you can just look around and walk or run it feels really realistic and the same idea goes for no man’s sky actually walking around in VR in these massive worlds on the Katwalk is an experience like no other. Not overstating here using your legs to walk around these worlds gives everything a totally unreal sense of scale and depth.

Noice In VR Treadmills

Immersive games like Stormland or half-life or Boneworksjust make no sense when walking physically exerting energy and someone else is just pressing a thumbstick it’s you’re just at a disadvantage and another negative is the noise this thing isn’t quiet by any means especially if you’re sprinting or running but then again when has running indoors ever really been necessarily quiet.

If You’re surrounded by a very quiet play space or house or your flat has really thin walls then the Katwalk c will likely disturb anyone around you playing and waking making sounds. 

Want and it looks relatively convincing in VR chat you just have to have a 3.0 avatar with locomotion animation cycles turned off of course you’re leaning forward more than usual and uh you’re gonna have to mute yourself a lot or use Nvidia broadcast so that everyone doesn’t hear every time that you walk but it’s totally possible.

Yes this is a giant piece of equipment that’s expensive it takes up a bunch of space it’s really loud and again it’s expensive, but it’s legitimately the closest thing we ever felt to something like by players. More than just some big clunky piece of hardware this is the brain’s chemical response to actually moving your body in a very natural way like running away from something and on a very deep down level.  

The physical world is different this thing will be a game changer in virtual reality space imagine that in a virtual world you are walking and running in these and literally sweating in them, yeah resolution is great and the field of view is great, and better controllers and equipment.

But if you’re not getting the correct chemicals from your brain nothing’s gonna feel believable and as said it’s big expensive and loud but if you are like me and you like being on the absolute cutting edge of virtual reality and you want to take that next step in immersion.

Why VR treadmills will be the future?

Think that you’re the kind of person that would really fall in love with this thing as you’re gonna trip and fall when you will get frustrated but you’ll learn because yes it’s actually that good exiting your cockpit and no man’s sky to take steps on a completely new planet with your actual legs makes me realize just how massive everything is and how massive these virtual worlds are and it makes you feel very human and small in a game. We will see the VR to a meaningful level that is until now and just imagine what would happen.

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How much do VR treadmills cost?

It will cost you around $1100 after the discount. You can get Kat Walk C at a bare price with more features that can make your VR gaming experience better.

Is a VR treadmill worth it for Gaming?

If you will have a VR treadmill then your gaming experience will get improved to a high level and you can walk or run in the game which will reduce the use of controllers and will make your VR gaming experience better.

Why are treadmills useful with VR?

Omnidirectional VR treadmills defeat VR’s greatest issue today — the failure to involve your regular development for strolling around in the virtual world. That is on the grounds that, without these machines, you risk falling over, hitting articles, and harming yourself or others around you.

Is a VR treadmill worth it for exercise?

Indeed, the information shows augmented reality exercises can consume similarly however many calories as different exercises. Also, a few games cause you to neglect yourself in any event, working out. For example – Jumping, Running and other exercises will help you a lot by following a proper course.


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