LAS VEGAS (AP) — Is the metaverse closer than we think?


The term "metaverse" refers to three-dimensional virtual communities where individuals may connect, work, and play.

 Vermont-based OVR Techn, which displayed a headgear with a cartridge holding eight core odours that may be blended to create various scents.

The business claims it wants to help customers relax and is pitching the product, which includes an app.

“We are entering an era in which extended reality will drive commerce, entertainment, education, social connection, and wellbeing,”

Customers, though, aren't always impressed by what they find.

Nonetheless, many of these goods are unlikely to become extensively utilised in the next years.

“When people are promoting this, what they have to answer is — where’s the value in this? Where’s the profit? Not what’s fun, what’s cute and what’s interesting.”

From Walmart to Nike, many corporations have launched various virtual reality efforts.

Ozaskinli was trying to enter a code on a keypad that would allow him to lift a lever and open a box containing a gleaming jewel.

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