Italy's ChatGPT Ban, A Precedent For The Rest Of Europe?

By - navdeep


Italy has become the first Western country to block the advanced chatbot ChatGPT.

It is been announced becuase of privacy issues.

ChatGPT uses natural, human-like language to answer question from it's database.

Microsoft plans to embed a version of the technology in its Office apps.

Concerns have been raised over the potential risks of AI.

Including job losses and the spread of misinformation and bias.

The Italian data protection authority has also raised concerns over GDPR compliance.

A data breach involving user conversations and payment information.

The watchdog found that there was no legal basis to justify the mass collection and storage of personal data.

Google's rival chatbot Bard, is available only to  users over the age of 18 due same problem.

OpenAI has 20 days to address the watchdog's concerns, under penalty of a fine of €20 million or up to 4% of annual revenues.

OpenAI stated that it is committed to protecting people's privacy and believe.

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