Metaverse will connect the different Zones


Metaverse will make easy to travel from one place to other.

Dimensionality and spatial computing

It will be made out of many aspects, You will have the 2D web, 3D virtual universes, 4D increased reality (AR), and, surprisingly, 5D blended reality.

The metaverse as a global platform

This is rather than the customary web made out of various storehouses.

The metaverse a decentralized platform

The metaverse will be a decentralized stage. Nobody focal power will control it.

The changing nature of transactions and ownership

Transactions are mediated by a  centralized institutions

Adapting in the age of the Metaverse

We need to learn to think in 3D and stop limiting our imagination to the 2D world that we live in today. 

Meaning of Metaverse | What is Metaverse

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