the Battel of chip industry

Who will becmoe the best processor making company for the Metaverse

Who will create the best Metaverse chip when Intel and NVIDIA expand their metaverse horizon?





Intel is contributing to the discussion. Starting in the first quarter of 2022, Intel will start selling a new line of graphics processors that it claims would power the metaverse. This announcement was made in August 2021. The head of Intel's Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics Group, Raja Koduri, stated in an exclusive interview that the metaverse will require a 1000-fold increase in computing power from today's CPUs. Undoubtedly, Intel has the potential to rank among the top chip manufacturers for the Metaverse.



To put it simply, by offering solutions for AI cloud-computing and 3D visualisation technologies, Nvidia is well-positioned to expand alongside the gaming business associated to the metaverse, or better the experience industry. GeForce GPUs to power cutting-edge gaming, GeForce NOW to support resource-intensive game streaming services and related infrastructure, and GPU software to support cloud-based visual and virtual computing are some notable features of Nvidia's product line, however this list is not exhaustive.


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