Lenovo Outlines Metaverse Sustainability Pledge

The first day of Tech World 2022 was held on Tuesday, with participants getting a first look at Lenovo's most recent product developments and green business practises. Lenovo is the largest computer company in the world by sales units.

What is Lenovo Metaverse Sustainability Pledge

Keynote for a Tomorrow that Is Future Proof?

Yuanqing Yang, chairman and chief executive of Lenovo, discussed how the company quadrupled its investment in research and development (R&D) in order to focus on more sustainable, effective solutions. Speaking on the Metaverse, Yang described how fusing the physical and virtual worlds would alter how individuals "design the future workstation."

“The workplace of the future makes us free. We combine the best of both worlds – the feel and feel of the real workspace and the access and reach of the virtual workspace – under the convenience and flexibility of switching between the two.”

Lenovo Chairman and Chief Executive Yuanqing Yang Said -

Possibilities in the Metaverse

Dr. Rui responded that this is "certainly the case" when questioned by XR Today if the Metaverse would become a major driver for computing solutions and infrastructure. He discussed both new computer prospects and technologies when talking about computing solutions. Dr. Rui stated that a number of cutting-edge technologies are "converging into the metaverse," including augmented reality (AR), edge computing, 5G, web 3.0, and others.

“We also have layers of software where we can edit in metaspace, do 3D modeling and environmental reconstruction, and on top of that we also have our friend [Arthur Hu], who develops solutions by leveraging the front-end devices, back-end computing technology, and software layer to create vertical solutions. All of this combined creates a lot of new computing technologies.”

He Further Explained -

Lenovo Tech World 2022 Event

Lenovo’s Tech World 2022 occasion is taking vicinity on 18th October. Executives and companion companies have joined to speak about the destiny of the Metaverse and its ThinkReality, Motorola, and different answers. The unfastened one-day occasion will spotlight destiny Lenovo merchandise and answers for hybrid work, blended reality, and the Metaverse, provide keynote speeches from top-stage executives throughout the tech world, and description plans for inexperienced computing and operations, along side on-call for periods for attendees.

The corporation has driven to construct the economic and agency metaverse with a trove of merchandise, which includes its ThinkReality VRX, A3, and different headsets, along side updates to the ThinkReality platform. The occasion comes simply weeks after the agency addressed the Immerse Global Summit (IGS) 2022 Europe in Madeira Island, Portugal, to expose the corporation’s VRX headset for expert use.

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