Lenovo announces ThinkReality VRX headset

Next-Level VR Design Features

More About Design

The ThinkReality VRX headset has a number of significant design improvements that make it more comfortable for prolonged VR sessions at work, home, or anyplace else the hybrid workforce is productive. Innovative pancake optics and a slim design lower the headset's overall profile, while a battery location that is perfect for weight distribution and balance results in a superior fit and feel. Additionally, the all-in-one VR headset has materials that are simple to clean in between uses.

On-Ramp to the Enterprise Metaverse

The Lenovo ThinkReality VRX is designed to be the go-to VR tool for business professionals worldwide.  As a result of the immediacy and fidelity of new digital tools made available by extended reality (XR) technologies, workplaces are becoming essentially time and space independent. XR technologies are more crucial than ever for enterprises, enabling hybrid workers to achieve more, from enhancing efficiency in employee training and virtual collaboration to expanding design and engineering activities in 3D.

Open Platform Growing Ecosystem

By the end of 2022, certain partners will have early access to the ThinkReality VRX, and in early 2023, select markets throughout the world will be able to purchase it. When it becomes available, the cost of the enterprise VR solution will be made public.