Meta New Quest Pro Hits Store Shelve

Meta has introduced the Meta Quest Pro, a highly anticipated mixed-reality headset. The elegant and sophisticated piece of gear made its debut, October 11, at the company's annual Connect conference.The Quest Pro's strong mixed reality capabilities give it an edge over the comparable less expensive Quest 2. Quest Pro users can view the outside world in their peripheral vision thanks to a larger lens design that uses passthrough cameras, so they don't need to remove the headset to carry out daily duties.

Meta Quest Pro


Chipset: – Snapdragon XR2+ processor for standalone computing power Pancake optics for clearer images and lighter form factor Storage: 256GB, UFS 3.0 Inward-facing cameras for enhanced hand, face, and eye-tracking TruTouch haptics to interact with virtual content Stylus features for Quest Pro controllers for drawing and editing Full-colour passthrough via Meta’s Presence Platform


75 percent greater contrast compared to the Quest 2 Movement software development kit (SDK) for full-motion avatar control TruTouch haptics to interact with virtual content Meta has included light partitions for fully immersive VR experience

The announcement follows the Meta Quest ecosystem's remarkable expansion two years after its debut at the Connect event in 2020, which resulted in the creation of the first widely used VR device ever. The App Lab has also surpassed 2,000 apps and 400 on the official store, with nearly one in three bagging millions in sales.

Meta Quest Ecosystem Growth

Pico Interactive, now a subsidiary of Chinese tech giant ByteDance, presented the Pico 4 and then the Pico 4 Enterprise variants of its next-generation headsets shortly after Meta Platforms unveiled its Quest Pro. Due to similar price points, users are likely to favour the competition. The Quest Pro and Pico 4 Enterprise retail for approximately £1,499 and £900, respectively.

Meta, ByteDance Headset Rivalry

There are rumours that the Pico 4 Enterprise will have finer pixels per eye while the Quest Pro would have overall better specs. Additionally integrating Microsoft and Zoom's collaborative technologies, Meta's most recent business headset will give employees access to the Office 365 productivity suite.

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