RealWear Launches Voice-Controlled Thermal Camera

Manufacturers in the immersive sector Solutions in 4.0 A voice-activated, hands-free thermal camera attachment for RealWear's Navigator 500 augmented reality (AR) headset was recently released. Operators of the Navigator 500 can now take high-resolution visible-spectrum, thermal, and coloured photographs thanks to the new add-on. A RealWear employee can use this capability to spot temperature abnormalities in machinery such as pumps, pipelines, wires, and motors.

“The compelling option to add thermal image capture [to the Navigator 500] without occupying your hands in hazardous environments gives frontline professionals more real-time information to do their jobs safely and productively”

Rama Oruganti, the Chief Product Officer at RealWear Said -

RealWear clients from a variety of industries, including the construction, industrial, and automotive professions, can now take advantage of innovative technology to achieve on-site objectives. Greg Cooper of American Honda Motor Company, a RealWear client representative, observed how his team could deploy Navigator 500 devices with thermal images to repair airlocks and ventilation leakage. Cooper is an Innovation Engineer for Manufacturing at American Honda.

Integrating Teledyne FLIR

The Teledyne FLIR ecosystem, which enables employees to store, transmit, and download custom thermal JPEGs, is also integrated with RealWear. With the aid of the post-processing software FLIR Thermal Studio, a workforce is able to produce comprehensive analyses and reports.

A digital dashboard called RealWear Cloud has tools that let on-site managers keep track of and manage deployed immersive gadgets. Along with Teams connectivity, the service also offers easier access to third-party applications, like Microsoft Endpoint Manager, which RealWear integrated into its product line last year.

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