Biggest Companies Working For The Metaverse 


There are many companies that have entered into the area of Metaverse and started their journey

7. Snapchat

Snapchat is taking the application more closer to augmented reality which is the next-gen technology or a Web3.0 tech.

6. Decentraland

It is enabling users to create as well as monetize different apps and content while purchasing virtual pieces of land in Metaverse.

5. Epic Game

Epic Games have special expertise in building creative tools and immersive worlds that are open and accessible to players and developers everywhere.

4. Nike

Nike has also recently created a virtual world called Nikeland which was developed by the Brainiac Commerce  e-commerce platform.

3. Google

Google was one the first companies to launch the AR Glasses, not a simple AR glass but loaded with tons of features.

2. Microsoft

It is also building a new augmented reality chipset for Metaverse with Qualcomm for providing access to new features and proving touch. 

1. ?

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