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What is the future of Social Media

There are many assumptions made about the future of social media and human social interaction on the metaverse or Web3.0.

Let’s first understand What actually a social media platform is?

In simple words, a social media application helps us interact with our friends and relatives and helps us to be more connected, share our daily thoughts and opinions and consume information.

But over the period of time, the definition of social media is just getting changed. Let’s look at the definition from starting –

Web 1.0

This first version of the internet is acknowledged as the first stage of the world wide web evolution. It is characterized as a RO (read-only)web experience. At this stage time, social media was nothing rather than only a static website where users can consume the data. Web 1.0 is also referred to as the Syntactic Web, and the user’s role was limited.

Web 2.0

The second generation of the world wide web, Web 2.0 is known as the RW(read-write) Web at this stage, the user can consume and create the data facilitating the interaction between users and websites.

At this point of time, companies like Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter just tapped the market and changed the definition of whole social media. Where the user can share, consume and interact inside the platforms. Today we have many applications based on different purposes we have. In Web 2.0 the consumer was the product not the company. The whole power was in the hand of the tech giants or in simple the data was centralized these tech giants have total access to their user’s data and based on the data about the user they show them advertisements.


Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is highly decentralized, driven by machine learning and artificial intelligence, and leverages blockchain technology. The result is RW (real-world) human communication. With this technology, users have total ownership over their data and the user can decide what to do with their personal data whether sell it or make it private.

The term Web 3.0, coined by reporter John Markoff of The New York Times in 2006, refers to a new evolution of the Web which includes specific innovations and practices.

Evolution of Interaction

metaverse social media

There are many platforms where they are working day and night to improve social interaction between people. Interaction is been improved a lot. From web2.0 to web3.0 there are many changes happening overnight to make interaction as real as possible. From consuming content to becoming a content creator on these social platforms. A user is becoming a content creator.

For example, Short videos are getting popular and people are very habitual of consuming short video content. 

Online Vs Offline

It still becomes too hard to answer who is the winner of Online Vs Offline interaction. A simple answer to this question is to understand the fundamentals behind human interaction. Humans are social animals. As our ancestor’s Homosapien we were habitual of living in crowds and looking for better interaction. A sample concept that applies to Online Vs Offline war is that Offline interaction can’t be wined by online even though we are now in the metaverse stage where digital interaction is super realistic. For example, you can unfriend your neighbor who lives near to your house but in the real world, you have to have a relationship with them. Maybe the root problem of this fight is not that much big or it was just a stupid argument.

From Exposed to Private

With the start of the internet all the things were disclosed to the companies from the start yes you get right I mean data. Because of blockchain technology data is decentralized and the users will have full authority and control over their personal information. Whether they can make their data private or sell it to someone else.

Future of Social Media

Shopping will become more common on social media channels as we can notice that social media platforms are more advertisement based and manipulate the user’s buying behavior a lot. Most people worldwide are still purchasing items online through social media platforms not from e-commerce stores directly but the mediator is the platform.

Businesses will get more conscious about how they use social media to build their brand. They will no longer do traditional Television advertisements and will do more content marketing than doing only advertisements. Each business will have its own content marketing plan and specific team for each social media platform.

Metaverse will change whole social interaction as the metaverse is getting developed people are getting more curious to use it and social media companies are working intensively to achieve their metaverse plan. Metaverse will change the whole social media industry and will drastically improve digital socialization.

What is Metaverse?

Top Social Media Platforms of Metaverse









The future of the internet and social media is very interesting to know and predictions are still there but most of them are just dogmas that are not true, it is our job to understand the future and look at it in a broad image.

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