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Who is the Real Owner of Metaverse? The secret disclosed

As we all know metaverse is popular everywhere whether you open any social media application or platform. But do you get somehow a question in your mind which is “Who is the ruler of the metaverse?” before I tell you this you need to understand what the metaverse actually is in the real world. Let me explain an amazing fact is that we are already living in the metaverse. As our day starts with opening our Mobile phone and closing it at night. We are already connected with the virtual world.

And we are very reliable and addicted to it.

The main disadvantage of this old way of connecting to the Virtual World is the user experience is not good at that level or it’s just a connection between the server and client and this gap is filled by Metaverse. 

Who owns it?

There are many companies working day and night to improving technology and building the metaverse. For example – Facebook (META)

I know that many of you are thinking that Mark Zuckerberg is the owner of the metaverse. If you think this you are totally wrong.

The quick answer: nobody, and everyone.

The longer, more helpful answer: the tool builders, world builders, artists, 3D modelers, game developers, users, software developers, world builders, artists, 3D modelers, game developers, users, and investors, are the proverbial owners of the metaverse. 

And more reason can be that it is built on advanced blockchain technology a decentralized form of collecting information where the data is not in the hand of a single identity it is decentralized using Blockchain.

Why do people think Mark Zuckerberg is the owner of the metaverse?

This is a quite simple answer to share it is only because of two main reasons –

  • Meta and Metaverse
  • Awareness

let‘s start with the first one Meta and Metaverse

Recently Facebook has rebranded its company by naming it meta and both meta and metaverse are co-related.

The second one is Awareness 

Zuckerberg is not the first person but one of the action taker which have taken us near to the metaverse and this is only because his companies are working in the social media industry he just turned everything around metaverse (because the future of Social Media is Virtual Reality). Zuckerberg’s plan is to improve social interaction between people and make it just as real interaction we do offline.

Metaverse And Web3.0?

Most people think that Metaverse is everything but the most important thing to know is that Metaverse is just the product (or result) of Web 3.0. The whole concept of Virtual Social Interaction is built on Web 3.0. Instead of thinking about the future of tech in terms of only Metaverse, you should think it just as a part of Web 3.0. The future of the Internet is Web3.0 which will change everything we do today.

A different view from Our side on Metaverse Ownership?

As I had already shared that there is no single identity is going to own the Metaverse because it is built on Web 3.0 the decentralized way of collecting data. But there is something more interesting to know which is about the service provider of this advanced technology.

Yes, you got it right I am talking about those companies that are providing you access to the Metaverse and this whole Web3.0

( don’t you think that somehow they are somewhere the actual owners )?


Who originally created the metaverse?

Neal Stephenson Coined ‘Metaverse’ in 1992. The author is working with a number of crypto veterans on a new metaverse-focused base layer, Lamina1.

How to get into the Metaverse?

You can enter the Metaverse by using a Virtual Reality Headset and a place to visit. Once you get your headset you can join metaverse such as Horizon world, Decentraland etc.

Who is the owner of Meta?

Meta is owned by Mark Zuckerberg he just rebranded the company by Facebook to Meta.


Metaverse is the future of Social Interaction and will be a revolution in all industries whether it is banking, tech, finance, Commerce, Education, etc.

This whole Web 3.0 is going to be future-changing stuff.

But thinking of who owns it is still a question for us but the answer is nobody and everyone because of decentralization or Blockchain.

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