The Captainz NFT Art, The Captainz NFT Art review and details

The Captainz NFT Art: All details trending on OpenSea

Here is the quick guide to The Captainz NFT art collection that you must check to know the full details of the project, pricing, profit, growth, ownership, and more.

What is The Captainz?

The Captainz are a group of 9,999 utility-enabled PFPs with attributes inspired by pirates, internet jokes, and pop culture. It is Memeland’s flagship compilation. One of the top selling art on OpenSea has many followers among art collectors.

Captainz symbolises Memeland’s highest degree of membership. Utility and rewards exclusive only to Captainz will be discovered over time.
Captainz offers various benefits, but two of the most anticipated are $MEME and Treasure Island.

We can’t say much more right now. We can argue that $MEME is not your typical NFT token that most people are uninterested in, and Treasure Islandz are not your typical metaverse that feels like a digital ghost town. They are designed differently, and Captainz will get first access to them. Pinky swear.

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The Captainz NFT Art: All details trending on OpenSea, The captainz review

What is The Captainz net worth?

Memeland launched the Captainz, a collection of 9,999 unique, collectable digital items. The value of a Captainz might fluctuate greatly depending on the exact NFT art being sold and the current market demand for it. Some Captainz have fetched millions of dollars, while others have fetched far less. The current trade on opensea is around $8,679,279.96 around Eight million six hundred seventy-nine thousand two hundred seventy-nine dollars and ninety-six cents.

Who created The Captainz?

Memeland is the creator behind the Captainz, they are offering multiple benefits with their NFT art.

What is unique in The Captainz NFT art?

9,999 Captainz and their pirate crewz sail the Broken Seas in pursuit of the mythical “Memeland” riches. Join them as they seek glory, money, love, and, of course, memes.

How many The Captainz NFTs are out there today?

9,999 nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine listed NFT art on OpenSea ready for collection. You can look at them there is no major difference in each art present.

What intellectual property rights do Memeland holders receive?

Memeland NFT owners have complete commercial art rights to the NFTs they possess. To protect ourselves against trolls, we are also registering trademarks.

Pricing of The Captainz

What is the Floor Pricing of The Captainz?

5.65 ETH is the floor pricing of the Captainz which is not a bit affordable mode of investment but it is the current floor price for the collectible.

How expensive is the most expensive The Captainz ever sold?

It is properly mentioned to check but the project has crossed millions of dollars after converting ETH to dollar.

What is the volume trade of The Captainz?

The current trade on OpenSea is around 6,579ETH $8,679,279.96 around Eight million six hundred seventy-nine thousand two hundred seventy-nine dollars and ninety-six cents. Which shows that most of the NFT investors out there are highly interested in this project.

What is the number of owners who own The Captainz?

Currently, the Captainz NFT art collection is owned by 6,011 people all around the world.

Where can I buy The Captainz NFTs?

On the main site of Memeland and on OpenSea. Please make sure to check the authenticity of the website and verification before making any purchase of any digital art collection.

Is The Captainz good or not?

The Captainz is the top 1st trending on the Opensea marketplace which makes it stand out from the competition. It can vary after some time may be the position can fluctuate but getting listed at the top is what is achieved by the Capitainz. So shows a green sign for the collectible and you can go with it.

Current market stand of The Captainz?

Currently, the Captainz is around 1st in sales rank on the Opensea marketplace.

Note: We are not forcing and not providing any rigid investment over this article and investing in any digital art is your concern. We are providing here information from authentic sources and answering your questions. The position of sales of the Captainz can vary over the time.

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This was a quick guide to The Captainz NFT art collection hope you have learned about The Captainz NFTs what it is and other important questions to know. Please share it with your friends so that they can also get help. If you do have any recommendations then please comment down below.

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