Demeo's Exciting Evolution for Apple Vision Pro and Mixed Reality

By - navdeep


Demeo, a popular VR tabletop role-playing game, is being developed for Apple's Vision Pro.

Apple Vision Pro (Early 2024): No Controllers, Just Hand, Voice, and Gaze Control.

Uncertain VR Game Support for Apple Vision Pro Post-Presentation.

Resolution Games Developing Demeo for Apple Vision Pro: Full VR and Mixed Reality.

A 2D version of Demeo for Mac has also been announced.

Quest 2 Demeo: Enhanced with Mixed Reality, Hand Tracking, and Local Multiplayer.

Demeo Battles PvP Spin-off to Feature Mixed Reality Mode for Quest 2, 3, and Pro.

Advances in Hand Tracking Enhance Real-Virtual World Interaction.

Human Hand: Future Controller of Choice.

Resolution Games Invests Big in Controller-Free Mixed Reality Projects.

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