How to set up Meta Quest Pro controllers for Quest 2

Using Meta Quest Touch Pro Controllers with Quest 2 Meta Updates

From now you can use your meta quest 2 with the all new quest pro controllers that will make your VR experience better. So the Quest 2 has now been out for more than two years which is kind of crazy to think about but it’s still a really good VR headset and it keeps getting better all the time. 

In fact, it just got an update about the v47 which will glance over everything else it brings but this update is special bringing something really exciting to Quest 2 owners the ability to pair these significantly improved brand-new Quest Pro controllers to a quest 2.

Something you can buy all on their own without the $1500 Quest Pro and it takes the Quest 2 to a whole new level of usability now available to the meta quest 2. Just real quick before we cover the v47 let’s look at something new because there’s kind of a lot of small things here but pretty exciting stuff the quest phone app got a big user interface update which was much appreciated.

Meta Quest Pro Controllers with Meta Quest 2, vr heaset

Update for Meta Quest 2

1. New Media Sync features so any video or photo captures you take from the headset will go straight to your app as well we also get the ability to capture those photos and videos from a controller shortcut. You do not have to go to menus anymore.

2. You can also now pin and unpin frequently used apps to the home and meta is now getting on the VR chat mirror train and has added mirrors and Avatar customization to the home environment.

The meta quest Pro also got two specific new features bringing background audio playback so you can listen to music while you play games and a full mixed reality capture setting which is best.

 But now let’s jump on to the biggest update that we got on Quest 2 receiving Official support for the quest Pro controllers which is probably one of the biggest upgrades we’ve seen for the Quest 2 yet and maybe the biggest Hardware upgrade we’ll ever see for it and this is kind of a big deal because while there are a ton of accessories that you can pimp out your quest with this one upgrade totally changes some of the capabilities of the quest the pro controllers ditching the tracking ring that has been on Oculus controllers.

How to set up Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers for Quest 2?

The setup pairing the pro controllers to the Quest 2 is surprisingly easy to like just a few steps and you’re in first make sure your headset is on the latest update of course open up the meta quest phone app connected to your quest 2 and select the controller pairing options you’ll then have the option to pair the left or right Pro controllers to The Quest 2 individually so select one of them and on the Pro Controller enter pairing mode.

By holding down the menu or Oculus button and the Y button together the controller status light will flash purple and green and a few seconds later you will be paired and you’ll even get the option to unpair your old Quest 2 controller. Now you can throw on your quest grab your pro controllers and after a few seconds

Of wake-up time everything should be working as intended and the Impressions and just to put it out there before getting into specifics just about everything is improved on the quest Pro controllers compared to the quest controllers.

Battery Life

Except for one big thing and that’s battery life the quest 2 touch controllers last for an amount 2 hrs time. Sometimes weeks or even months and due to the onboard processor on the pro and the new features, the battery life on the pros is cut down to around 8 hours. But this problem is sorted out with the help of a bundled compact charging dock something you normally would have to purchase separately.

Tracking In Quest Pro Controllers

The tracking quality and whether or not there’s any latency introduced because of these controllers. But first, the Impressions of these controllers are amazingly handy and fit in size. There is a new technology used by meta in these controllers called true touch. Which is really nice and sharp it’s a very noticeable difference from Quest 2 to Quest Pro on top of that there are also new localized finger and thumb sensors that is a nice addition but now we can finally get into tracking quality and the tracking is improved in every single way from everyday movements you do playing something like beat saber to playing Shooters in your hand.


Will the Meta Quest Pro controllers be compatible with Quest 2?

Yes, the quest pro touch controller will work with quest 2 now because of the recent update we have received from Meta. That is very good a quest 2 user can experience things the same as a pro.

Why is my controller not connecting to my Quest 2?

It can take around 1 min to pair your controller with the headset. Press any button to wake the regulator while thinking carefully. While you have your headset on, press and hold to reorient the regulator.

Do you need to switch your controllers to quest pro with quest 2?

It depends on your need If you use the VR headsets for basic work then you do not need to upgrade. If you do play advance games and want better controls then you can go with it.


Thanks for being here till the end of the article. so these were the all updates regarding meta quest 2 and how you can use your meta quest touch pro controllers with a quest 2 VR headset. If you have liked this update then please make sure to share this article with your friends. Make sure to follow us for more content like this in the future.

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