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10 Amazing Things You Can Do In VR Other than Gaming

Most of us have used VR headsets for gaming purposes and but these are the things to do in VR other than gaming. I would say for getting the best if you are looking to get the best out of your VR headset then you can look at these sources for the best VR experience. This article contains the best alternative uses of a VR headset other than gaming.

Watching Movies and TV shows

This might be obvious but most people forget about watching Movies and TV shows in VR headsets. One of the most popular VR Headset oculus quests now has Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube, and other entertainment platforms inbuilt. Through this, you can watch your favorite shows using virtual reality.

Most people love to watch Movies if you belong to that category then it will be best for you to watch movies with an immersive experience. There are many YouTube channels specially available to watch VR movies that you will like and enjoy. The same thing lies in TV shows as well. When we watch any program in VR it provides us the feeling that we are watching everything live as everything is happening in front of us.

You can watch shows virtually in groups with your teammates or friends. You will have a big screen in front of you and will get a feel of theater and you can enjoy the feel of going to a theater while you are at your home. The movie can be 3d or 2d as just you will have a private theater at your home.

learning to play musical instruments

If you are one of the person who is suffering from getting a drumset but regret getting it because of limited space then VR is the perfect solution for it. You can set up your drumset in a Virtual environment and play it.

Musical instruments are just next to game changers in the VR industry. You can connect your physical musical instruments to VR Headset. Not just only connecting and playing instruments you can even do special courses provided by different platforms mentioned below. In the oculus quest, you can set up a piano (VRtous) and learn to play it’s even good for your neighbors so that they will not get the sound of a drumset or guitar and you can play it in your own.

learning to play musical instruments

VRTous – it is an application used to learn to play piano in a virtual environment and have proper guidance to learn to play an instrument in the virtual space. If you have a piano then you should definitely check this app it will allow you to play your virtual piano with the one you have physically.

These are the best platform to learn the different elements and concepts of playing musical instruments and learning them.


To begin with, meditation combines virtual reality means taking the meditation experience to its peak level. Meditation helps in mental and spiritual healing but combined with Virtual reality makes the experience better to deal with. Today we have many videos to heal mentally and relax our minds. For example, we can go virtually and watch a video of nature or the sea in which we can experience the different elements of life and nature which is a kind of meditation practice.

Meditation in vr

Really we get distracted by the disturbance we have around us and meditation helps in healing that. With Virtual reality, we can have the experience of going to wonderful places to meditate with calm music in the background.

Take a tour

From the beginning, we humans wanted to visit and experience the unrealistic beauty of this world. With the help of Virtual Reality, it just possible to travel in the digital world which is helping in experiencing the untapped areas of our life by connecting us to the places we wanted to experience. Apps such as google earth is helping make VR experience better, for example – you want to visit a city for traveling but before visiting the place you can have a virtual tour of the place so that you can mark out the most important place to visit and look at.

Facing your fears

People wanted to face experience that can make fear and most of us like to face fears which makes us scared. On social media platforms, we can see people wearing VR headsets and watching horrifying videos and getting scared from the experience the reaction of people looks really good.


We all wanted something from tech to help us understand and experience the hard concept. With Virtual Reality, students can learn quickly and easily. Most concept of Science and Tech requires animation to explain and picturise the overall learning so that by Virtual Reality we can educate ourselves. If you do have a VR headset then you should definitely check this out and face your fears. For example – if you have a fear of heights then you can watch a scary height experience in the virtual world.

Education in virtual reality

Fearless – Vr is one great example of app that can help users to overcome the fear of public speaking and group discussions this app is helping people to grow in their life by helping them face their fear of public speaking.


Online shopping is taking up most of our time of our day’s today we purchase most of the necessary items through the internet but somewhere the offline experience of watching and purchasing the item from the person’s perspective is now filled with Virtual Reality. Now as a customer we have a virtual store in which we can buy items without looking at images on the online store which is one of the key factors of VR is to make the user experience better. This technology will help improve customer satisfaction with the users buying items online.

Live concerts and sports shows

Watching live stadium shows provide a super realistic experience in VR. With the help of Virtual Reality watching shows, concerts and events can be watched without going outside the house. Watching live concerts live became popular due to the pandemic but now we have adopted this change and we can connect ourselves to a big event by just using our VR Headset. Just connecting ourselves to the connection we can get go to any event across the world having an internet connection. As VR technology comes to evolve sports companies and shows will keep building their virtual meetings and shows experience better for the future.

Hanging out

Watching Movies and TV shows

One of the major elements of Virtual Reality is to make social connections as real as possible by improving social connections. There are special apps dedicated to handout and chat with users using VR such Facebook Spaces and Rec Room are helping people to connect. We can meet a lot of cool people there and have a good conversation with others

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing in virtual reality

If you have a 3d printer and you make models but with VR you can now create 3d models virtually and convert them into models rather than using a mouse and keyboard it is just like modeling with your hand. An app such as Gravity sketch is now enabling users to create 3d models and then you can export them to your PC and then print it to your 3d printer and convert your ideas into reality.


These are the best uses of a VR Headset and the things that you can do in a Virtual Reality Headset other than gaming. Virtual Reality have achieved a place in our life and helping us for better connecting. Hope you liked to know about the things that we can do in vr not just gaming but more if you liked this article then feel free to share.

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