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We have been doing meetings for a very long but now we are moving toward Virtual Workrooms. It started by using Web2.0 applications. After Covid hit the global economy we shifted our working behaviors into doing meetings and working from home. The experience of this whole WFH system was not that much friendly people used to feel more relaxed and low productivity while working from their home and using the Web2.0 mode of connection.

Now let’s dive into the new mode of working from home using Virtual Reality and feel more Realistic & Ingaed methods of communication and working.

This new “home office” virtual concept was born from the rapid transition the pandemic forced onto a remote-first work experience that left many remote workers feeling isolated and solitary. For many remote-working peoples.

All new Existing video conferencing tools such as Teams and Zoom have many remote workers feeling disconnected from office dynamics. Meta is working on improving the whole system of digital interaction and conferences. The rebranded company behind Facebook, Meta, created Horizon Workrooms to remove such barriers and improve collaboration through VR enhancements.

Meta is working on VR tech that will change all of that. The company successfully in August 2021 launched its open beta version of Horizon Workrooms.

What is a Virtual Space?

Virtual reality is a simulated 3D environment that enables users to explore and interact with virtual surroundings in a way that approximates reality, as it is perceived through the users’ senses. Virtual space is just similar just same as the physical space that we have in the actual world. Virtual Spaces are getting very popular in the metaverse and in the whole of WEB3.0 because it is most widely used in this technology as the metaverse promises to give users a feeling of immersive reality which is nothing without having a virtual space same as we have in the metaverse.

What are Horizon Workrooms?

Workrooms is a virtual meeting space where you and your peers can work better together from any place or anywhere in the world by connecting through the internet. You can join a meeting in VR as an avatar or dial into the virtual room from your computer by virtual video call. You can use a huge virtual whiteboard to sketch out ideas together, bring your computer and keyboard into VR to work together with others by just scanning your desk and accessories you use, or just have expressive conversations that feel more like you’re together in person.

Created by Meta

Privacy and safety

Horizon workrooms are built on Web3.0 (or by using blockchain technology) and most importantly built by Meta which gives us a kind of secure image in our mind because Meta had said that these workrooms are secure to use and as a user, we will have total access to allow or block people to enter in the meetings. As you can do in your personal Metaverse space as well.

Is it useful to Use Horizon Workrooms?

As horizon Workrooms is totally loaded with features and uses Virtual Reality which makes it a super realistic mode of interaction. You can have great work experience with the latest technology using AR and VR. The main object of building virtual workrooms is to increase the level of productivity and provide the user experience that he is at his professional workspace for example offices, Conferences, and Meetings. As in the time of Pandemic. We all were working from home including big MNCs, Schools, and Government offices as well. The main gap in this problematic situation was not having the experience and productivity level of the state working remotely.

How realistic Metaworkrooms are going to be?

Let’s start with the devices you need to connect to the internet and need a VR headset to get started using Horizon. You will have your Avtar, Personal desk, and whiteboard ( all the things you have in your offices ). You can see your teammate’s expressions and gestures while they are going to do the presentation. Which is better compared to the meetings and presentations we do in Zoom or Any other Web 2.0 Application.

Features of Horizon Workrooms

Bring Worktools into VR with you:  you can take your desk, computer, and keyboard into the workrooms and use them according to your need. It’s not as old stuff as we have but a better version or utility you will have with your items. You can make notes and share them with your peers.

Avatar: every user will or can have their own self designed avatars as per their convenience and choice.

Features with Controller: you can use your controller as a pen and write notes on the main presenting screen and users can private notes as well

Sitting Gestures: you will have different sitting gestures by which you can adjust your room sitting arrangement and can have different gestures for different purposes for meetings, group discussions, and more.

Eye: user can see the eye movement of other users and features such as eye focus

Reactions: knowing what is happening on the other side of the person’s mind is kind of very hard in the Web2 applications but now in Virtual workrooms, you can see the facial reaction of the other user or your peers so that you will have a level of understanding how they are feeling by observing their facial expressions.

Productivity: Horizon Workrooms can be used with your Outlook or Google calendar. Also, each room will have a persistent address to capture notes, share files, send chat messages, etc., during and after meetings. 

Horizon Workrooms (Beta)

This is the overall rating and what users are saying about Horizon Workrooms in the Quest App store. The data mentioned below is just taken from the Quest App store as it is.

Game ModesMultiplayer, Single User
Supported ControllersHand Tracking, Touch Controllers
Supported PlatformsQuest 2, Meta Quest Pro
UsageBusiness, Productivity, Utilities
Version + Release Notes410616031
Developer ByFacebook VR
Published ByFacebook VR
Official Sitehttp://www.oculus.com/workrooms
Space Required1.7GB
Rating3.1 stars

Ollie: There is so much potential here but there are a few things I’d like to see. When is Zoom integration coming? It was slated for the beginning of 2022 but it hasn’t arrived. Also, is there a way you can resize the whiteboard? It would be really useful. My home office ceiling is v.low so I bang my hand on it. HA! Otherwise, great, and looking forward to seeing how the app develops. – oh, multiscreen too, and mouse overlay would also be useful

Nico Salgado: I used it every week for team meetings until the day we were all forced to create Meta accounts. Since that day, the app doesn’t start and continues saying that we need to create Meta accounts, while there were all already correctly created. Seems the app is not recognizing our Meta Accounts. We have tried everything, we work in Tech and VR so we have an idea of what we are doing. Support doesn’t provide us with the proper solution. It’s a shame because it was a very important tool for our collab, strategy, and planification meetings. I don’t know what to do, if you could fix it from your side I would update the review. Thank You

That’s all that users have provided the review on Horizon Workrooms. We can understand that still the product is not fully developed and needs more improvement to feel free to go with it and in the future, Meta will make such updates to make Horizon Workrooms the best VR place to work.


The meaning of working remotely or from home is totally changed now and as per the changing conditions and our direction of working forward the Virtual meeting is keep to growth will result in better workspaces to work in as we do have in the real offices. Virtual Workrooms will help Managers, Consultants, Students, and Coaches to improve their engagement with their audience and people.

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